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Joshua Harker has been a maker and artist his whole life. He worked professionally as a product and toy designer for a few years before turning to 3D art. Within the last year and a half, he’s created the first and fourth most funded sculpture projects on Kickstarter, and sold thousands of beautiful works of art, all created with 3D Printing. I spoke to him about his process and his views on the current state of the 3D Printing industry.

Can you talk about your process? What sort of software do you use? What does your prototyping phase entail?
My tangle pieces are very much done “live”, so to speak; I do not do sketches or preliminary concept art. I let the pieces grow using the surrealist practice of automatism and work on their balance, composition, and overall character as they develop. I’ve mostly used ZBrush and Solidworks but also…

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